ANUKA Artisan Chocolate

ANUKA Artisan Chocolate is a passion-driven business nestled in the Perth Hills region of Western Australia creating luxury, artisan chocolates. Made with the highest quality Swiss couverture chocolate, our collections include 43% to 65% cacao butter, with our entire range produced using sustainable, organic farming practices and traditions.

Savor & Enjoy

“Channeling a deep appreciation for art, my creative expression evolved from canvas to form 10 years ago. Combining the joy of creating and paying homage to my original vision, these luxury chocolates are a celebration of art, colour, texture & taste!"

ANUKA Artisan Chocolatier

Our Creations

Our delicious chocolate range comes in a variety of flavors. Hazelnuts, almonds, pralines, gingers, coconut, delicious fruits & seeds all harmoniously attuned with the rich flavours of the tropical Theobroma cacao bean.

From classic vegan milk chocolate to exotic fruit, nut and spice combinations, our range of artisanal chocolates are designed to satisfy every taste and preference. We use only the highest quality ingredients, including ethically sourced organic cacao.