Organic Vegan Milk Couverture Block Fruit Nut & Seed



Celebrating a smooth blend of creamy organic vegan milk chocolate made with 44% cacao butter.

Infused with spray free almonds, goji berries, sunflower seed, pepitas and a touch of coconut

Our luxury milk couverture bar temps you with delicious tropical cacao notes, toasted almonds and undertones of soft caramel spices.


Treat yourself and indulge or add as an accompanying gift.


Indulge in an exquisite assortment of artisanal chocolates with our range of exclusive gift boxes.

Cacao butter (Dominican Republic) (33%) (44%) from cacao beans, cane sugar (Argentina), rice syrup powder, cacao kernel (11%) from cacao bean, almonds, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), sunflower seeds, vanilla extract (Madagascar), goji berries, coconut, pepita seeds. 

Customer Reviews

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I bought a variety of these bars at the recent Upmarket to try. I spent $50 dollars and told myself that these five bars will have to last me a month. LOL! They were devoured by family and friends within a few days as they were so delicious and morish! For vegans and gluten intolerant humans this chocolate is 'a dream come true' and worth every penny!

Thank you.

How Our Exclusive
Chocolates are Created

Made with the highest quality Swiss couverture chocolate, our creamy organic vegan delights include 44% & 38% cacao butter with our entire range produced using sustainable organic farming traditions.

Our delicious chocolate range is a celebration of art, colour, texture and of course taste! Hazelnuts, almonds, pralines, gingers, coconut, delicious fruits & seeds all harmoniously attuned with the rich flavours of the tropical Theobroma cacao bean.
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